Flowers: How to make your own?

Ever wondered how to make your own wedding bouquets?  I found some links online at A Practical Wedding.  If you are into paper flowers (for decorations maybe), take a look at the video tutorial by A Beautiful Mess.

marthastweart_wedding_flowers_roses_somethingBlue wedding_flowers_yellow_marthaStewart

Images credits to Martha

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Wedding invitations – Mrs MSquare’s – Part 2

Below see the semi-final* product from Mrs. MSquared invitation line.  We also worked on a logo and program layout.  I used Martha Stewart’s hole puncher (see a selection HERE) and a stamp for the kissing couple.  Also some glitter and satin ribbons.

AMut_envelope_1 AMut_envelope_2

Mrs. MSquared (aka AMM) was very pleased with the results, see her bright smile below!!  We will soon be duplicating this prototype for the guest list.  So happy for AMM!!


What do you think of the invites?

* Semi-final because the final invitations include glitter around the lovely couple and a silver ribbon.  Also, no blue line at the corners for final product… The bride’s wish is to leave the very final product as private, until after the wedding.

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Wedding invitations – Mrs MSquare’s – Part 1

I am helping my friend plan her wedding this November.

Because I love design (or was I temporarily high on sugar??), I volunteered to design her wedding invitations.  Crazy me! I have never made any wedding invitations, only wedding programs (once!) but she is such a sweet girl (oh no, am delirious…did I just type those words?) and she accepted and even encouraged my efforts!

So I went on a search of templates and instructions on designing, editing and printing wedding invitations.

After lots of brainstorming,  THE bride (Mrs. MSquare) and I came up with the following main criteria:

  1. Invitation theme to match Mrs MSquare’s wedding colors
  2. Template must be fun (did I mention that the bride-to-be is C-R-A-Z-Y?)
  3. Template must be balanced (the groom’s cool attitude is legendary)
  4. Simple design for easy printout
  5. It must include one of their lovebird pictures

I browsed multiple web links of wedding invitations and templates and below are the top 3 tips I found helpful in my quest to design Mrs. MSquare’s invitations:

  1. Offbeat Bride: lots of links to useful ideas for cards, invitations, decorations, etc.
  2. Download&Print: great selection of printing style and envelopes/papers
  3. Project wedding: DYI monograms etc.

On the next series on the “SissiWedding” category, I will post the designs and steps, as well as the bride-to-be’s reaction…stay tuned!

Have you had to design wedding invitations by yourself? Any tip you could share?  We would love to hear from you!

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